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Global Wellness For All

Global Wellness includes wellness in all areas of your life. The key to having any type of wellness in your body, business, relationship, or finances starts with YOU, not a secret formula or magic pill. GWFA is a dedicated business to helping everyone achieve fullness in their life.

GWFA was starting from scratch, with a dream to help everyone around them. Their positive/vibrant outlook on life was something they wanted portrayed in their branding.

Create a logo that has a positive underlying story, that’s vibrant and expressive of GWFA’s mission.

When you research imagery that represents positivity, you’re presented with smiles, light bulbs and thumbs up. We wanted to stay as far away from those symbols as we could get. After extensive research we came across a hummingbird on a spirit animal website. Hummingbirds symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. Immediately, we knew this was going to be the icon of GWFA. We decided to add wing movement to symbolize the constant work you need to put in towards progression.

GWFA had one prerequisite for business cards, they had to be unique. We created an eye-catching design by having the hummingbird die-cut in the center.

What We Loved About This Project


The symbolism.
We loved the concept of Global Wellness for All and being able to incorporate that so vividly in the design.  


The challenge.
Global Wellness for All has ambitious goals for the future and is constantly challenging us to design the most successful user experience. 


The flexibility.
We seriously love die cuts! We really had a lot of fun incorporating die cuts into the business cards. 

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Global Wellness For All

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