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Studio Onyx

Studio Onyx is dedicated to producing a high-end interior design and decorating service. Encompassing unique services like custom cabinetry, Studio Onyx is recognized as being a reliable interior design firm that can handle everything from top to bottom.

Create a logo that is classic and high-end. Above all, they wanted simplistic, clean and elegance. They foresee product development in the future and want something that would look great on a label.

We’re a fan of combining serif and san serif fonts. We believe that it creates an elegance when designed correctly.

Onyx is a beautiful black gemstones with unique curvature shapes. Due to these curves, we wanted to find a serif font that had rounded edges rather than coming to a point. In terms of hierarchy, Onyx is a more defining word than Studio so we decided to make Onyx the key word you see and studio secondary and smaller.

What We Loved About This Project


The style.
We love black and white designs. They just scream high-end! So, we were ecstatic when Studio Onyx was on the same page as us.


The team.
These girls know how to interior design! They have an amazing eye for design so it was great to design with them.


The beginning.
We remember the day we started Buck Agency and it’s great experiencing someone else opening the doors! We forsee an amazing future for them.

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Studio Onyx

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