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Uptime Communications


Uptime Communications specializes in the installation, repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting of voice, data, and video delivery infrastructure. Offering a full range of cabling services including voice, data, power, fiber optic and wireless network installations.


This project began with a logo re-design. In the initial meeting, Uptime expressed how they wanted to take their business to the next level; starting with elevating their visual presentation.


Create a logo to amplify simplicity, connectivity and welcoming.


After combining the U & C, we saw that we could manipulate the C to make the U appear as if it was connecting. Like one cable to another. To add more dimension, we created a light glare effect symbolizing the positive light of working with Uptime. The bright color scheme also invites the viewers eye. Creating a clean design with crisp edges adheres to the desire of simplicity.


The project grew to new business cards, brochure design and we are currently working on their website.

What We Loved About This Project


The collaboration.
We love hearing their visions and being able to bring their marketing to the next level. 


The knowledge.
We don’t know everything about everything. We love learning about everyone’s industries!


The growth.
The capability to continuously work with Uptime. It’s always a growing project.

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Uptime Communications